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Galaxy Telecom

Language: PHP, Python, Perl

Database: MS-SQL, MySQL


 Technologies from Galaxy Telecom`s VoIP core technology includes provision, billing and SIP. Hong Outsourcing provides the first two parts of design and coding for Galaxy Telecom. This means that the automatically provisioning system which covers ATA models linksys pap2na, sipura spa1001, sipura spa3000, sipura spa962, linksys pap2tna, sipura spa2002, sipura spa3102, linksys WRP400, sipura spa2100, sipura spa8000, linksys WRTP54G, sipura spa2102, sipura spa942, and the E911 module is all generated by us. We design and code the billing system supporting the wholesalers and retailers. With our incredible team and our collective passion for innovative customer service, we have made the billing system 60 times faster! 


About Galaxy Telecom

Galaxy Telecom provides wholesale, white-labled, turn-key telephony services and powers the phone service for homes and businesses across Canada.

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