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Language: Ruby on Rails

Database: MySQL

Other: Hosted on Joyent Cloud with load balancer



About Kinzin

Kinzin is a Social Publishing® service for groups and individuals to privately share photos and create personalized print products.





When you create an account you can invite members to your private group. Members can upload their photos, comment, and leave messages. When members have uploaded photos other members can make keepsake print products from the group's shared photos. No one has to wait for the one "techie" person in the group to gather photos and upload them. All the work is distributed.


Personalized Print Products For Anyone



Even if you don't have an account with Kinzin, you can create unique, professional quality, print products using your photos. To see a full list of our products, visit our print products page.


Product Sharing



When people within your group have created products such as a photo book from your group's shared photos they can share what they have created. This feature makes it easier for people who don't have time to create print products to buy their own copy. Everyone benefits from the collaboration. 


Ease Of Use



With Kinzin, no technical experience is necessary. Browsing photos is simple and clean. Uploading from multiple sources is straightforward. Inviting members only requires a name and an email address. Creating personalized products is as easy as choosing and image and dropping it onto our templates. 


Mobile Uploads



Members of your group can upload photos and images from their smart phone (Examples: iPhone, Android, Blackberry) to an album in your group. These photos can go straight from phone to group as opposed to phone, computer, group. It saves time.


Importing Photos From Other Sources



You can access your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, and Google+ photos from your group. This makes it handy to consolidate all your photos in one place.