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Andrew, President of CompandSave, Portland, OR

Henry is an expert in ecommerce from Hong Outsourcing Inc..  He helped us built the site from ground up, including shopping cart recommendation, site implementation and online marketing.
We just need to take care customer service, inventory and order processing.  It saves us the hassle to dealing with the complex online marketing plan.
You won't be sorry if you have Henry in your team.

 -- Andrew, President of CompandSave, Portland, OR


About Inc.

Established 2003, Inc., previously named Inc. (2003-2005), is a company which is located and incorporated in Portland, Oregon. It specializes in providing quality printer inkjets cartridges, laser toner and printer accessories and peripherals at deep discount to customer.

By ordering large volumes of inventory from straight from factory, it can get sizeable discounts that it passes on to the Internet community. will continue to increase its discounts as the Internet's support grows. By selling exclusively via the Internet, it can minimize the operation cost. It means customer can save more!


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